Badman Bullets Quality Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading

Badman Bullets Quality Hard Cast Lead Bullets for Reloading

The Bullet of Champions

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Here you will find the finest hard cast lead bullets for all your pistol and rifle reloading needs.  Our bullets are manufactured from premium grade alloy and high quality lube resulting in exceptional accuracy.  We are still offering FREE shipping on 1,000 or more quantity.


Better Alloy, Better Lube, Better Bullet 

Due to a higher than normal demand, some of our bullets are about 2 - 3 weeks out.  We are making great progress at catching up.

  • Bullseye Camera, Long Range Spotting Scope

    Bullseye Camera Systems ...

  • LED Reloading Lights, Reloading Levers, Reloading Press Risers

    Reloading Press Upgrades ...

  • Cowboy Action Shooting Holsters

    Cowboy Action Holsters ...

  • Click on Image to View Page

NEW !!  Long Range Spotting Scopes by Bullseye Camera.  Check them out here.


** NEW Products just added - LED Reloading Lights, Ergo Levers and Reloading Press Risers **


Cowboy Action Shooting World Champions Badlands Bud and Long HunterBadman Bullets is owned and operated by Regional and Oregon State Champion Cowboy Action Shooters, Mid Valley Drifter and Buckshot Shell-E, aka Patrick and Michelle Reagan.


People have asked;  Why should I use Badman Bullets?  What makes your cast lead bullets better?  Who makes them?  Who endorses and shoots them?  These are all good questions.


See what others have to say about our cast lead bullets.


Badman Bullets produces a High Quality cast lead bullet using only Premium Quality lead, alloyed to our strict specifications.  We manufacture all of our products ourselves with Magma commercial casting equipment.  Having it done this way allows us to maintain quality and consistency in every bullet.  To top our product off we use a proprietary blend of high quality bullet lube that makes our bullets lubricate your barrels better than the rest.  Bulk Cast Lead Bullets for sale and for Reloading                                                      

Our bullets have a Brinnell hardness rating of 15.  What does that mean to you?  Better sealing of the bullet in the barrel, hence; more accurate bullets.  We feel our bullets are a perfect match for Cowboy Action Shooting, IPSC, Speed Steel and other types of similar shooting.  Our bullets are just hard enough to cycle in lever action rifles without deforming, yet soft enough to expand or "obturate" properly to provide very consistent loads with minimal or no leading, (under 1,500 fps) depending on case pressures.  (21,000 PSI Max)


We carry a large variety of cast lead bullets for Cowboy Action Shooters, IPSC, IDPA, Speed Steel and all reloading enthusiasts, even the weekend shooter.


** We recently formulated a new RED lube that is now Black Powder compatible and works extremely well in smokeless loads.


Read more about why our cast lead bullets are better.


Please Note:  This is NOT loaded ammunition.  We only sell the projectile.





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Check out the new Badman 105 Bullet  See what all the hype is about



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